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30-06 Springfield NEW!   27.06.2009


Novкоробкаosibirsk Cartridge plant manufactures the cartridge 30-06 Springfield with bullet of two kinds: FMJ and SP. Case material - brass, jacket material - copper. Cartridge weight: 23.3 - 25.4 g. Bullet weight: 9.2 - 9.4 g. Bullet velocity is 845-865 m/s. Minimum powder gas pressure - 304 MPa, maximum - 333 MPa. Cartridge length is between 81.0 - 82.2 mm.

During the meeting in summer 2009 the dealers were demonstrated this ammunition quality. Members of this meeting were surprised by the representative firing with high level results of ammunition quality that exceeds well-known world brands many times.
For instance, cartridges of 30-06 Springfield of domestic competitive plant production could not compare with LVE ammunition brand at accuracy. Foreign analogues also were not so effective


Recently JSC "NPZ" has extended the gamma of 30-06 Springfield FMJ ammunition by producing the ammunition of higher accuracy. Ammunition 30-06 Springfield FMJ of higher accuracy has the following characteristics:
Case material - brass; jacket material - copper; Cartridge weight: 26.38 -28.28 g. Bullet weight: 12.85 - 13.05 g. Bullet velocity - 735 - 750 m/s. Minimum powder gas pressure - 304 MPa, maximum - 333 MPa. Cartridge length is between 81.0-82.2 mm. Accuracy at firing from ballistic barrel at range 300 m is P max (max) ≤ 12.7 cm.


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