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Dear Visitor!
Filling this form on this page, you can write a message for us, describing the theme of problem you are interested in.
Within 1-3 days you will find our comments concerning your message on this site page.
2011-06-25 16:38:49
message: Hi!I am interested in cartridge 9x53r. Where can i buy large amount rounf 5000 pcs for export and at which price? Also i saw some mention of FMJ ammo? Is it in production?
Site Administrator xn--80asladeip9f.xn--p1ai comment: Hello, It depends on country of destination and on the fact of being whether a company or a private individual (we do not supply private individuals). Have a good day.
2011-04-19 14:44:25
Mark Houston
message: Any chance for production of 7.62x25 Tokarev Ammunition?
Site Administrator xn--80asladeip9f.xn--p1ai comment: no
2011-02-24 21:59:45
C Berg
message: Greetings! Is the caliber 7,62x53R the same as 7,62x54R? I have an Izhmash Tigr that is marked 7,62x53 and am unsure if I can use your 7,62x54R safely.
Site Administrator xn--80asladeip9f.xn--p1ai comment: Good day Mr.C.Berg, The cartridges cal.7,62x54R are produced by various producers around the world. Producers mark these cartridges differently, and this leads to confusion among the customers Ц 7.62х53; 7.62x53R; 7.62х54; 7.62x54R. The confusion is based on difference in rounding out (rounding up or round-ing down) the case length (case length of our cartridges is 53.65-0.2 mm). The letter "R" indicates a case rim. After RussiaТs joining European Commission (ѕћ ) a definite name of this cartridge was determined Ц 7,62x54R. Therefore you may use cartridges of caliber 7.62х54R freely with your arms.
2010-12-09 13:54:14
Edward Falconer
message: I like this site. I will certainly be peeping into it frequently.
Site Administrator xn--80asladeip9f.xn--p1ai comment: Thank you
2010-05-26 21:47:09
Philipp Stoltz
message: We are a gun and ammunition dealer from germany. Have your ammo C.I.P. , that we can sell it in germany and other european countries??
Site Administrator xn--80asladeip9f.xn--p1ai comment: Dear Mr. Stoltz, јll ammunition at our plant is produced according to C.I.P. Minimum quantity is 1 (one) container. Sincerely, Head of foreign economic relation Dpt., Alexander L. Dmitrienko
2010-05-15 23:23:03
Harmeet Singh
message: Dear sir or madam. We are gun and ammunition Dealer in Poland.i would like to know what is minimum quantity of ammunition i will have to order.thank you.
Site Administrator xn--80asladeip9f.xn--p1ai comment: Dear sir or madam, Minimum quantity of ammunition is one container. One container is 20 (twenty) pallets, each have 60 cardboard boxes on. Depending on caliber in one wooden case there are 7.62 x 51 Ц 380 pcs 7.62 x54 Ц 280 pcs 9 mm Makarov Ц 1500 pcs 9 mm Luger Ц 1350 pcs 9 mm Kurz Ц 1680 pcs Sincerely, Foreign economic relation Dpt.
2009-12-25 15:06:11
Nick Anderson
message: Hello, NPZ! IТve heard you have the new cartridge of .30-06 Springfield FMJ higher accuracy. What are the main distinctive peculiarities from cartridge .30-06 Springfield FMJ?
Thank you in advance.

Site Administrator xn--80asladeip9f.xn--p1ai comment: Hello! Thank you for your question.
The main distinctive peculiarities:

Cartridge 30-06 Spring. FMJ higher accuracy
Bullet weight, g. - 12,85-13,05
Cartridge weight, g - 26,38-28,28
Bullet velocity, m/s - 735-750
Accuracy (ѕav)from the ballistic barrel at range, cm
-100 м - --
-300 м - ≤12,7

Cartridge 30-06 Spring. FMJ
Bullet weight, g. - 9,2-9,4
Cartridge weight, g - 23,3-25,4
Bullet velocity, m/s - 845-865
Accuracy (ѕav)from the ballistic barrel at range, cm
-100 м - 8
-300 м - --

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